Explainer Video

This era is ruled by Explainer Videos for selling your product or service. An Explainer Video makes your customer understand your product or service better. Brochures, Catalogues and Pamphlets were the rulers earlier, but an Explainer Video is something that can give an idea to your prospects who will be able to understand your products/services before buying it.

An explainer video is much useful for marketing or sales purposes that, you can highlight your company’s product, service, or even business ideas in innovative and efficient way, so that it will create a compulsion to buy the product or services. Explainer videos can be used on the home page or landing pages of your website.

Explainer videos with your products or services can be advertised on Facebook, Youtube or any other social media websites.
Following are the key points that needs to be kept in mind while creating explainer videos,

  • Shorter in Duration: Maximum of 3 minutes, best is within 1 minute.
  • Call to Action: What do you want the audience to do after watching it?.
  • Focus on Solution: Explainer videos should address a specific problem and come
    out with a solution.
  • Brand Creation: Explainer videos help in creating the brand to reach its right
  • Quality: High quality of production, Best quality content which communicates
    the value proposition of the product/service.
  • What the Video Should Contain?
  • Problem Your Service/Product is going to Solve.
  • How its is going to be solved.
  • Reason out why you are the best choice for it.

By now you will have an idea that if we can create an explainer video for you. Call us
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